Whiffle What?

Several years ago, Tim Reiman and Brad Henderson, two high school friends, discovered an abandon field across from Tim’s house. After cutting down the three-foot tall grass, the two visualized a “field of dreams” in the making.


Like many others, Tim and Brad, where avid Whiffleballers. Sparing no expense, spending every last dollar between the two of them, Tim and Brad built the whiffle ball field of their dreams. Pineview Park, as it became to be known, drew national attention, due in large part to the immense features that it possessed. Pineview Park became one of the only whiffle ball fields in the country to have the ability to play night games. Along with the lights, Pineview, also has a playing surface that includes over 600 square yards of Bermuda Quicksand sod, the very same that the St. Louis Cardinals play on. A warning track, foul poles, and a 20 foot salute to Old Glory were also included. But what made Pineview Park stand out as one of the top five in the country (Fast Plastic Magazine) were the games that where played, epic battles with participants traveling from as far as Atlanta, Georgia, and Dallas, Texas.  Many media outlets, television as-well-as newspaper, dubbed Pineview Park as, “A Real Life Field of Dreams!”


Meanwhile, Tim and Brad had another dream. A pizza shop! While contemplating possible names for the establishment, the two decided on a familiar subject, whiffle ball. Whiffleboy’s Pizza was born! Tim, who spent his childhood on the ball fields of De Soto and Murphysboro, and Brad, who grew up in Carbondale, decided that Murphysboro, their own backyard, was a perfect place to start. This is the flagship store, in the only place that we would have wanted to start it, Murphysboro, IL.


We are from Southern Illinois and we are very proud of our heritage. We went to Southern Illinois schools and even attended Southern Illinois University. It was very important to both of us that we finalized the dream for a restaurant in the same place that our first dream came true, the whiffle ball field.  Whiffleboy's Pizza is 100% local. All of the pizza profits stay in the community. No franchise fees are going to other states and other communities.